Powwow Basics

This workshop gives an introduction to the different styles that you would see at a pow wow and the basic steps. All dance styles will be emphasized except the Chicken dance. Nyla Carpentier, a pow wow dancer with over 30 years of experience, will guide participants through a 75 minute class. The start of the class will be a warm-up to prepare the feet for some Pow wow dance action, followed by the Pow Wow cardio and then a cool down with stretching. Basic steps and formations will be shown and the history and origins of dance styles will be discussed.


Workshop Session - B3 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM

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  • Nyla Carpentier

    Nyla Carpentier (Tahltan, Kaska, French, Scottish) is a multifaceted performing artist currently residing in North Vancouver. She's a new mom, an actor, writer, powwow dancer and workshop facilitator. Nyla started to dance at powwows when she was in tiny tots and now has over 30 years of experience. She shares her experience by teaching the various powwow styles with focus on the fancy shawl, sharing the dance steps and the history. In 2011, in partnership with Raven Spirit Dance Company, she started the popular Powwow Bootcamp series.