Safe Stretching Practices For All Movers

Safe Stretching Practices For All Movers is a class designed for Drama Teachers to confidently lead and execute warm up techniques with their students. The material will be achievable for all of the movers in your classroom with a strong focus on strength, flexibility and artistry. We will explore unique exercises for a broader range of motion to better prepare dancers or actors for rehearsal or performance, while increasing self-awareness and building the foundation for healthy movement, long-term. 


Workshop Session - A1 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

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  • Lexy Cox

    Lexy is a diverse performer, choreographer, instructor, adjudicator and graduate of Ryerson University’s BFA program. Her additional dance certifications include the Canadian Dance Teachers' Association, the Performing Arts Educators of Canada, Alixa Flexibility, the Acro Dance Teachers Association, and Acrobatic Arts Canada. Lexy is also a qualified dance adjudicator with the Professional Adjudicators Alliance and a proud member of Youth Protection Advocates in Dance. As a choreographer Lexy has worked across Canada and the US on projects such as World Performers Canada National Dance Team (Spain, Portugal), Mini Pop Kids, Mirvish’s Matilda and more. Currently Lexy is the artistic director of Full Out Dance, the manager of Dance Attack Acro Convention, the vice president of operations and the certifications director of the Acro Dance Teachers Association's Acro Teacher Training Programs.