Navigating Consent Within Actor Training

This workshop focuses on the PAC structure and will include presentational and practical elements to demonstrate how to apply the fundamentals of Intimacy Training to approach teaching drama. By using these fundamentals and actively engaging in consent based practices, teachers can create classrooms that promote inclusivity, agency and communication. 


Workshop Session - A3 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM

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  • Brittany Cope

    Brittany Cope is a Canadian actor, director, acting coach and arts educator. She holds an MFA from the world-renowned Actor Training and Coaching program at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, England. She is a proud graduate of The University of Windsor’s BFA Acting program and has trained internationally with prestigious artists such as Bella Merlin, Michael Fry, Caroline Goodall, Ian Morgan and Ramiro Silveira as well as with The International Michael Chekhov Association and The SITI Company.  She has been teaching acting for over 15 years across multiple public and private organizations, internationally; Brittany’s practice is a combination of the explorative nature of Viewpoints, the detailed text-work of Stanislavski, flavoured by Demidov’s use of intuition and the playfulness of improv.  Above all else, Brittany is a charismatic, professional and reflexive practitioner who brings compassion to the foreground of her practice.