Introduction to Found Object Puppetry

In this hands-on workshop, actor/puppeteer Tara Travis leads your discovery into the wonderful world of found object puppetry. Expect to naturally apply your knowledge of acting, physical theatre, clown and mask as you bring life, personality, and (in some cases) voice to everyday items. We will explore solo puppetry with the animation of a single object, and ensemble puppetry with the co-operative animation of a cohesive, living, breathing character made up of various everyday items. Tara will leave ample time to answer questions and offer suggestions on how to bring these discoveries into your drama room with the hope of offering a new vocabulary of expression to explore with your students. 

No previous puppetry experience required, only a willingness to play! Please wear clothes you feel comfortable moving in, bring a water bottle (puppetry can be thirsty work), and something to take notes with, should you choose.


Session 4 Saturday 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Room Studio 9
Vancouver Film School (VFS) Cordova

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  • Mortal Coil Performance Society
    Tara Travis

    A lifelong theatre artist and co-founder of the Vancouver International Puppet Festival, Tara Travis has incorporated animated object, hand and rod, and shadow puppetry into many of her theatrical works. Original puppetry co-creations include Sticky Fingers Productions’ Down the Drain: A Puppet Traumedy, Swan Lake: A Stormy Puppet Ballet, and Baby Junk Box, to name a few. Recent puppetry credits include multiple elves in “Keeping up with the Klauses”, The Washboard Union’s award-winning music video “Country Thunder’, and a blue slam poet named Joules with Media Button for FortisBC. In addition to being a dolly wiggler, she’s an actor, voice actor, playwright and theatre producer. Her current work-in-progress, The Spinsters, incorporates physical theatre and a marriage of shadow and object puppetry in a most unexpected way.