Dinner - Friday Night

This year once again VFS will be sponsoring with ABCDE an amazing reception. Your ticket is included in the conference fees and just make sure to check the box that you will be attending! We will be serving appetizers, finger foods, and drinks at the VFS Cafe along with some wonderful entertainment. There will be options to mingle, sit down for food, and options for all kinds of eating requirements. Additional tickets can be purchased at $40 each for guests.

$ 40.00 per person

Social- Friday Night

Details TBA for our after-dinner social on Friday night!


The Artsclub presents - Redbone Coonhound


By Amy Lee Lavoie & Omari Newton
An Arts Club Silver Commission as part of a Rolling World Premiere with Tarragon Theatre (Toronto) and Imago Theatre (Montreal)

Newmont Stage at the BMO Theatre Centre

Out for a walk in their West End neighbourhood, Mike and Marissa—an interracial couple—meet a dog with an unfortunate breed name: redbone coonhound. This small detail unleashes a cascading debate between them about race and their relationship that manifests as a series of micro-plays, each satirizing contemporary perspectives on modern culture. Through its hard-hitting comedic elements, Redbone Coonhound explores the intricacies of race, systemic power, and privilege in remarkable and surprising ways.



The promo is 15% off their “A”-tier seating for the three performances of Redbone Coonhound between October 21-22. Please use promotion code: 3130